Carlysle’s experienced professionals work hand in hand with management and ownership to improve operating results, maximize services and guest satisfaction. We will design a program to the particular needs of your operation and address the requirements of ownership with application of our professional experience in every segment of the industry.

Carlysle International Wines offers services as an importer of specialty wines, supports
wine tastings, and works to improve wine information and educational programs
throughout the industry.

Hospitality Group Services

Sales and Marketing
Feasibility Market Study-New openings
Administration-Budgeting Services
Management Placement-Staff Training
Food & Beverage-Culinary support
Shopper Theft Services
Culinary Support-Menu Development

Wine Import Services

Import Wide Range of Quality Wines
Sales Training
Trade Show Representation
Marketing-Advertising Support
Wine Tastings-Food Pairings
Menu Development
Logistics-Shipping Support